How can I publish an UI package?


Hello I am using Windows 10, I have a Marvis, can anybody help me publish this package with Windows 10?


There is information on how to publish packages in the Atom Flight Manual:

Also be sure to check out the extra information on the section about Creating a Theme:


Thank you!


Sorry but I have an issue:


@leedohm Can you help me?


How did you install Atom? Did you use the installer from the website?


Yes! I am using Atom v1.9.0 beta 1.


For publishing packages, you should use the non-beta version of Atom. You should uninstall the version you have installed and install the version from (not


Ok, I will try.


@leedohm I used Atom editor 1.8.0 but not be.


In order for me to be able to help, I need to know:

  1. What exactly you did
  2. What you expected to happen
  3. What actually happened


I had downloaded Atom editor from, after I ran AtomSetup.exe to install Atom. I tried open Command line on Windows and called apm help install, apm publish and it show this:

I also go to atom\resources\cli and run apm.cmd but nothing happen.


Does the Windows version of atom have the command to install the command line tools?
Press ctrl+shift+p And type command line tools From within atom editor.
If a command shows up to install them, choose it.
Then try apm publish again


I had tried but not success. This is screenshot: