How can I open a panel in a new window?


Hi Everyone,

I need to be able to open a panel in a new window for a package. The panel is very similar to the left project directory panel in atom, just with different contents. I know how to dispatch the command for a new window using

atom.commands.dispatch($('atom-workspace'), 'application:new-window');

This obviously opens a clean window. But how can I open panels, such as the directory tree, into their own window and still be able to have them modify the project I’m working on. Similar to how chrome allows for the undocking of devTools.

Thank you,


There isn’t a built in system for doing this. Currently in Atom, new windows are new processes … so opening a new window would require all kinds of IPC in order to make it work with the current window. Perhaps something can be added in Electron that would allow this kind of subordinate window.


Thank you for your reply. I was stumped for a few days trying to figure it out.