How can I modify my treeview


So my TreeView on atom is huge, and occupies a lot of my space.
How can I reduce the length of the tabs.
The first image is my atom, the other is an example for what I want mine to look like.

And since I can only put one image for post, I will put a screenshot:

Best Regards,
Diogo Falcão


Try adding this to your styles.less:

.tree-view .list-tree div.list-item {
  line-height: 80%


Thank you for the tip but it makes everything seems strange, look at the picture:


Adjust that value as you see fit.


I was able to solve my problem, it was not about the line-height but the white space between the left border and the folder/file.

Thank you for the tip tough !


Here the copy and paste solution, adding the following to your styles.less:

.tree-view .list-tree div.list-item {
padding-left: 10px;