How can I make the package list portable?


If I want to take my atom stuff to another computer, like my vim dotfiles, how can I do that easily? I cannot figure it out. The ~/.atom directory makes me think that it could be easily portable, but I’m not so sure.


The non-directory contents of the ~/.atom directory are portable:

  • config.cson
  • keymap.cson
  • overrides.cson
  • snippets.cson
  • styles.less

I use the rcm tool to synchronize my dotfiles in this way.

Backup atom packages, configs

But, not the actual list off packages that you use?


Ah, sorry … that’ll teach me to reply between meetings …

In that case, this is really a duplicate of another topic and you can take a look at my reply there:


Oh, no, the first part was very helpful! I was just also wondering about the second thing, thank you very much! :smiley:


Here’s the shell function I use in combination with my dotfiles git repo.

save_atom () {
	ls ~/.atom/packages > ~/projects/dotfiles/atom/packages.txt


The new apm list --installed --bare command lists only user-installed packages and includes their version numbers so you can ensure that you install the same package versions on all machines.