How can I make the font look brighter?


I’ve been a long time Sublime Text user. Recently I’ve been trying to switch to atom and I’ve noticed that the font looks way less brighter than sublime’s, colors look more “gray” no matter what theme/syntax I use. I don’t know if more people have experienced this so, I’m wondering if there is a way to make it look like sublime, increasing the brightness of the text (I haven’t been able to find anything related to this on the docs) or is it some kind of render limitation for not being a “native” app?

Btw, I’m using the latest version (1.8.0) on Windows 10


Colors are entirely determined by the syntax theme. You might consider searching for “bright”. If you can’t find anything pleasing, it’s not terribly hard to make your own.


Thank you for the response.


Oh, that makes sense, I’ll definitely use one of those but I’m still curious tho. I’m currently using Spacegray Dark Neue, any hint on how could I edit it to look brighter? What changes do I have to aim for? Anyway thanks for your answer!


You chose a really dull-looking theme. The colors are defined in the colors.less file. If you wanted to edit it, you would go in and tweak each color to be a brighter form of itself. Sites like ColorHexa are great for this.

It would really be easier to just browse for a theme that fits your desires better.


It is pretty easy to override single elements of a theme to make them brighter. You can take a look at my styles.less for an example. Overriding an entire theme to make it look brighter across the board can range from relatively simple to essentially the same thing as completely rewriting the theme, depending on how it was built.