How can I make Atom more like the codeanywhere editor


I’m sorry for this basic question as I am a newbie at coding and installing an IDE… I use Atom to edit Renpy files, which have the .rpy extension and behave much like python files.

I am used to the codeanywhere editor, which has the following super-useful features:

  • auto-complete, including auto-completing the names of custom variables you’ve used before
  • auto-closing brackets (you can also select a word, type the first bracket, and the word will automatically be enclosed between brackets)
  • “auto tabbing”: this one is hard to explain, but when moving up and down lines, codeanywhere places the cursor at the appropriate tabbing level instead of going back to the beginning of the line like in Atom

I understand these features probably exist for Atom as plugins, however all I could find where packages designed for python that seem to have a hard limit on .py extensions, so they don’t work on .rpy files.

Could anyone point me in the right direction in how to adapt Atom to those settings and make it work with .rpy files, if possible?

Thank you very much for your help