How can i link the "SFML" library to the "gpp-compiler" compiler package?

i want to link a C++ external library called “SFML” to the “gpp-compiler” compiler package witch i use to run C++ code on Atom. After a lot of search i found that i have to pass the following settings to “C++ Compiler Options”, but it didn’t work:

-I C:\SFML\include -L C:\SFML\lib -lsfml-graphics -lsfml-window -lsfml-system

the “-I” is the path to “include” folder and the -L to the “lib” folder

the “C++ Compiler Options” are located in:
Atom>Settings>Packages>gpp-compiler>C++ Compiler Options

looks like after i’ve added these settings i’ve got way less errors from before. it also seems like the “gpp-compiler” is able to locate SOME of the “SFML” files.

i haven’t managed to include “#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>” successfully yet.


NOTE: im using windows 10

I have the same problem and i need help.

This is not a fix for gpp-compiler, but the sfml-compiler package will help you easily compile and run SFML inside Atom. It is active and fully-documented.