How can I install package without chocolatey?


I don’t have chocolatey. I would like to know if there is a way to install (Copy/paste) packages for Atom in my local PC

Edit: I am on Windows 7 BTW



Do you mean packages or atom itself?

Packages can be installed from within Atom, via the Settings screen (Ctrl - ,). Select packages on the left, search for what you want and install.

For Atom itself, the only alternative is building it yourself, as per the instructions here.


There’s also the Zip file from the Releases page as mentioned in the announcement.


Oh, ah… I haven’t actually tried that one. I suppose that’s the answer @Ripcord was looking for then.


Well I have downloaded the Alpha version of Atom. What I am asking is about the packages for Atom.


If you have downloaded and installed Atom, then @batjko’s answer is what you’re looking for to install Atom packages.


Thanks guys! I am behind a proxy. I also saw a thread about how to downloading packages behind proxy. will check out