How can I install libraries in atom?


I want to install the SDL 2.0 library in atom but I coldn’t figure out how.
Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile: thank you!


Atom is not an IDE and does not have native support for libraries from any language, so there is no installing them. You just have to include them in a folder somewhere and point to them in your code.


i downloaded SDL externally but how do i use it. when i simply put #include<SDL.h>. i get error message saying file not found.


That’s not an issue with Atom. Your C compiler determines what directories are searched for library and include files. You may need to add a flag to your compile command: -I <directory containing SDL.h>


@alflanagan could you please describe everything I’ll need to right pls? Sry I’m completely new to coding.
Thanks in advance :pray:


That’s a very broad question. You should provide more details about your personal situation and what you’re looking to achieve.


I have the mks gen l with the tmc2130, I want to include the library I downloaded for tmc, I read the question above and your answer but I’m a little confused


It might be wise to take a step back and think about what information we need to know to help you. From Googling “tmc2130”, I can surmise that you are using a stepper motor, and tmc is the library? Are you writing code for an Arduino? If so, do you have a package that you use to allow Atom to interact with your board?


Yes that’s correct, I’m trying to contact an Arduino board to a 3d printer with those stepper drivers, the marlin software I’m using needs a library which I downloaded from GitHub but don’t know how to include it


Yes I do, it’s already running but the current received by the motors is too low because I’m missing this library



Your progress might be better with PlatformIO.

My investigation was only on the surface and not with actual hardware. But a library import was handled impressively well with a library manager which is part of their add-on.

A problem though - PlatformIO now prefers Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (vsCode) more than Github’s Atom. I have loaded their add-on to vsCode and I am positively surprised on what is offered.

Short version - go to and do some small study on what they offer. Consider using vsCode. Consider seriously to asking questions on PlatformIO’s forum.



I’m opening Platformio in side Atom, I’ve followed few guides, the only thing I’m missing is to include a library (which I downloaded) I don’t know what line or lines should I right in code


That’s purely a PlatformIO question, and not something we can answer here.

  • You want to know how to change the editor text colour? We have your answer.
  • You want to know how to import a library in a language? You’ll need to ask people who know and use that language.
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Right, sorry then

(the title of the post is not aimed at you! :blush:)

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The syntax for include statements absolutely doesn’t change while you’re working in the same language. What you need to study and learn is where your chosen compiler stores libraries and/or how to run the library manager. I haven’t used it, but it looks like PlatformIO has a pretty good manager and you should use that.