How can i hide the underlined html tag?


I decide to use Atom today, and having some setup here and there. Once i have ready to code, i disturbed by underlined HTML tag, i already look at Settings and all Packages, but still can not hide that underline. Maybe someone can help me.

Sorry my bad English, because not my primary language


Atom uses web technologies (namely HTML, CSS and JS), and provides means to customize the appearance of the editor (look for Application: Open Your Stylesheet in the commands palette).

By using the devtools (View > Developper > Toggle Developer Tools) you’ll be able to inspect the html tags in the editor to find which CSS to write in your stylesheet to get rid of the underline.

I believe something like that should work: {  
  text-decoration: none; 


well done sir, thank you so much


I’m not sure whether this ever worked after the change that put the editor in a shadow root, but in Atom 1.0.10 I can only make this work if I prefix the styles with ::shadow. E.g.:

::shadow {
  text-decoration: none;