How can i hide the source


i use lots of electron apps most of their source code is available under resources folder but yesterday i notice that visual studio code actually hides the source i checked the main file theres no main js or index js or any other app files under resources. all i found was node_modules folder and pictures.
Where and how do they hide all scripts and html css files


What are you using for packacking?
If you use electron-packager you can add --asar=true to tell it to pack the html,cs and js into an asar. Asar is just an archive format so it someone really wants to see your source they can unpack it, but it obfuscates thing a little bit.


great thank you :slight_smile: i was using asar
and what is actually inside the .pak file in the compiled dir ?


I’m not sure. But I do see the Visual Studio Code source code on my mac;

They are a bunch of folders located at
/Applications/Visual\ Studio\
which appear to contain the core source files.


under out folder theres just a single photo under linux