How can I get rid of this bugger of a pop-over?


I’m very new to Atom.

I’m learning React Native, and whenever I’m editing a JS ES6 object for too long, I start seeing this pop-over that covers what I’m doing.

I have the following packages installed:

  • atom-ide-ui@0.13.0
  • atom-react-native-style@0.2.0
  • emmet@2.4.3
  • emmet-snippets-compatibility@1.0.6
  • highlight-selected@0.14.0
  • ide-css@0.3.0
  • ide-html@0.4.2
  • ide-typescript@0.7.6
  • language-babel@2.85.0
  • open-terminal-here@2.3.2
  • pigments@0.40.2
  • project-manager@3.3.6
  • react@0.18.0 Disabled
  • copy-highlighted@0.5.0 Disabled

Any help would be appreciated it. It’s driving me out of my tree.


Go to atom-ide-ui's settings (Settings -> Packages -> Atom IDE UI), expand the “Enabled Features” section, and set “Enable Datatips” to “Never enabled”. Alternatively, in the “Datatips” section, you can increase the delay until they’re shown.