How can I disable undo option in atom from previous day?


Recently, I am trying to use atom. It is nice. Some days ago, I had modified a file. Today again, I modified this file. At last I hold ctr+z for going to my today’s initial state, after then I realized that it goes to my first modified date’s initial state !!!

I want to keep undo up to before closing a file. Is it possible ?

Sorry for my bad language. Thanks in advance.


To my understanding, Atom doesn’t keep undo history past when you close a file. The things is, if you close Atom while leaving a file open, that doesn’t count as closing the file. Atom will save the undo history for when you next launch Atom. If you want to terminate the undo history, you have to close the file before you close Atom.


You are right. Is not it possible to automatically destroy the history when I close atom ?