How can I disable automatically update

I already untick the automatically update.
But It still update

What version of Atom are you running (atom -v) and what operating system?

Atom : 1.38.2
Electron: 2.0.18
Chrome : 61.0.3163.100
Node : 8.9.3

Hmm, since 1.38.2 there’s been 3 stable releases - 1.39.0, 1.39.1, and 1.40.0. So it seems like you haven’t been auto-updated past 1.38.2?

It will update to lastest version
then I reinstall to 1.38.2

Ahh ok :+1: I don’t remember any recent issues related to auto update except one that happens in very specific circumstances (

Have you seen this behavior the whole time you’ve used Atom (so with versions of Atom before 1.38.2) or did it just start recently?

today,I restart my pc then open atom.
It will update it.

I’m unable to reproduce with Windows 10 and installing Atom 1.39.0 to see if it will update from there but I just saw this comment:

Do you happen to start Atom by right clicking a folder and choosing “Open with Atom”?

I will open atom via “atom .” or context menus “Open with Atom”

Looks like I can reproduce in both cases :+1: Didn’t notice it before since I was starting Atom by clicking on the icon or by running just atom where this doesn’t reproduce.

I’ll go ahead and open issue for this and post the link back here.

Issue is here if you want to subscribe, thanks for the heads up about this: