How can I disable automatically update

I already untick the automatically update.
But It still update

What version of Atom are you running (atom -v) and what operating system?

Atom : 1.38.2
Electron: 2.0.18
Chrome : 61.0.3163.100
Node : 8.9.3

Hmm, since 1.38.2 there’s been 3 stable releases - 1.39.0, 1.39.1, and 1.40.0. So it seems like you haven’t been auto-updated past 1.38.2?

It will update to lastest version
then I reinstall to 1.38.2

Ahh ok :+1: I don’t remember any recent issues related to auto update except one that happens in very specific circumstances (

Have you seen this behavior the whole time you’ve used Atom (so with versions of Atom before 1.38.2) or did it just start recently?