How can I determine which package is causing memory leak


I’m experiencing a severe memory leak, it consumes all spare memory space as much as it can over time. If I close the window and reopen it, it starts from a reasonable memory usage and after about 2 or 3 hours my memory will be all swallowed. I can see a “Atom Helper” task is holding 10+GB memory in my task monitor. I suppose this may due to some packages I have installed but I can’t determine which one is the bad ass. Is there a built in task monitor of atom that can tell how much memory is allocated to every single package?

My environment:

  • Atom 1.8.0

  • OS X 10.11.5

  • installed community packages:

    • activate-power-mode
    • atom-beautify
    • git-plus
    • language-elm
    • language-vue
    • vim-mode (disabled currently)
  • and lots of core packages (77 of them)