How can I determine what command is behind a key?


On a related subject, how can I find where F3 is handled? It doesn’t show up in a keybinding search in settings.

I’m on win 8.0 with atom 0.115.0.


Can you force the activation of another package?

There are two ways that you can determine what command is associated with a particular key:

  1. The Keybinding search in settings
  2. The Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X)

This is, of course, assuming that either are working correctly.



Also, if you want to get right down to it, since F3 is part of the find-and-replace package, I just had a look and you can find it in that package’s keymap:

".platform-win32 .editor, .platform-linux .editor": {
    "f3": "find-and-replace:find-next",
    "shift-f3": "find-and-replace:find-previous",
    "ctrl-d": "find-and-replace:select-next",
    "ctrl-e": "find-and-replace:use-selection-as-find-pattern"