How can I delete a character limit in long array?


Just started a challenge online and need to work with a long paragraph of text (lorem ipsum).

When I set the text as an array the highlight seems to stop halfway:

How can I highlight the entire text? Does atom have a cap on characters in arrays?


Atom does have a cap. It has had serious performance issues when dealing with particularly long lines, so it jumps to the next line after a certain point.


Thanks! Do you recommend any editor I should use instead?


I use Notepad++ as my secondary editor, but I don’t see a problem. Instead of a solid block of green, you have one that stops halfway. You could break it up into multiple lines if you want, but you said that it was for a challenge and I have no idea what the terms are.


Sublime Text seems to handle large files pretty nice.
i use Atom/Sublime in parallel depending the file sizes.