How can I connect my atom to AWS?


Hi, I am a novice programmer struggling to connect my stuff to AWS through SFTP.

I made some ROR files called gourmet2 in atom and wanted them to be on AWS.
So I had SFTP deployment package installed and made a new file 'deployment-config.json.
And I thought I made right setting and put it on the right location, but the only thing I see is an error message saying “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function”

this is my setting in 'deployment-config.json.

“type”: “sftp”,
“host”: “”,
“user”: “ec2-user”,
“port”: “22”,
“remote_path”: “~/gourmet2”,
“sshKeyFile”: “~/vanvoc1.pem”,
“passphrase”: “your_passphrase”

and Root folder called ‘Gourmet2’ has a bunch of folders including ‘app’, ‘bin’, db’ … as well as my ‘vanvoc1.pem’ file.

and this is what I’ve got when I got an error message.


Have you guys had the same problem as well? Plz help me if you know how. :frowning:


Since this is directly related to the SFTP community package (rather than Atom itself), you might have better luck opening an issue on that package’s repository.

In fact, someone has already done that:

Seems to be exactly what you are seeing?

According to this comment on that issue the package may be out-dated (hasn’t updated to the 1.0 APIs) and looks like it may even have been abandoned.

You could try a different FTP package…


I understand this one is rather popular and works for a lot of people:


Wow, thank you @batjko!! I try it and I’ll let you know what happens!