How can I check if a package is already installed


I’m working on a package plugin (activate-killer-instinct-mode) for activate-power-mode. This is my second plugin for this package.

I would like to set extra settings that will work with my first plugin. But I want to check if my plugin is already installed. If is’t those settings won’t do anything.

Here are my repos.

This plugin plays background music while you are in combo mode.

and this will play killer instinct exclamations.

I want to mute the music while the super exclamation is playing
something like

"Yes Oh My Gog" or “Call 911 Now”.

To mute the music I make a command called "activate-background-music:mute". I want to call that command but only if isInstalled "activate-background-music"
or could be if atom.command? "activate-background-music:mute"


I found what I needed, and that was. ::isPackageActive(name).