How can I change where packages are downloaded to?


So right now it’s downloading to my SSD but I want to download to another hard drive, how would I re-direct it? Is there something in the settings that I missed?


You can set a custom ATOM_HOME environment variable.


How do I do that?


In order for me to give you more specific help, you will have to tell us what operating system you’re using.


Windows 10, I’m really new at coding/atom (just started learning html a week ago) so sorry if this is gonna get bothersome. Do you have discord or something so it’s a bit easier to communicate?


The easiest way to communicate is through this forum where there’s a public log of everything that gets said, anyone in the community can chip in, and I can check it when I have free time.

In order to change or set an environment variable on Windows, you need to go into your system settings. Here’s a guide for Windows 10.

To set a new directory for your Atom configs, simply set a variable called ATOM_HOME to whatever path you want. For consistency, I recommend calling your new config folder .atom. You will also need to transfer any packages and configs you have in your old folder; after you set that variable, Atom will stop using the previous folder and generate a new one if it doesn’t exist.


Ok I’m a bit lost, so I got to the Edit environment variable part and made a new path that looks like this -


So first off is that right? Everything after the D:\ are just folder names.
And secondly I am not sure how to set a variable for the ATOM_HOME.

Sorry but you’re gonna have to go super simple for me, I am a normie scrub.


Why did you make the choice to edit PATH? You need to set a new variable (there’s a button that says New... and it does exactly what it sounds like) called ATOM_HOME. If you’re the only person on your computer, I don’t think it matters whether you use a system or user variable.


That’s what I got from the guide, I’m not sure what I’m doing. Anyways I made a new variable called ATOM_HOME and set the value to the new .atom folder I made. Is that all I need to do?