How can I change the color of syntax

I would like it to be something like this

You can change the color of the syntax by downloading a new syntax theme. To figure out what theme you’re looking at, you should ask the person who created that screenshot if you can find them.

I’m beginner and I’ve recently started using atom and I’ve seen that in my syntax theme (Base16 Tomorrow Dark) some syntax should be different at least when I was looking at some tutorials about setting up atom (for python, I use python)
there syntax colors where quite different and I really liked those colors for an example there ‘self’ in classes were red but mine aren’t colored there ‘if’ and ‘for’ and ‘or’ were also different. Even in other syntax themes I also had these problems (Predawn) so I was wondering what the problem could be ? and if syntax theme has changed and has gotten updated how could I change to how I prefer ? (I’ve seen some questions and resposnses about this but none of them worked and really was about my problem and some I really didn’t understand so I would be thankful if you could reply to me in simple matter)

You should post a screenshot of what you see inside Atom.