How can I change the color of specific tags inside editor?



I’m completely new to Atom, but I would like to change the color of specific tags inside the editor. For example: I want my PHP tags to be a different color than the normal text color. The same is true with script tags.

I want to be able to target specific tags in order to change its color to make things easier for me when coding.

Is there a way to do this and how? Thanks.

Change color syntax

If you look in the themes category there are plenty of discussions that talk about doing this. Like this one:


Thanks @leedohm for the reply. I will look into the link you sent regarding my question.


I figured out how to change it and I knew it already.

But how can I do to change the content of tag in xml file? :slight_smile: thanks for the reply.

I tried with this css code in my file css:

 .meta {
  &.xml-processing .string {
    color: #494949;


I fix the problem :smile:
I discovered that atom is developed on google chrome. for this reason, simply by opening the browser console I found the class and created the css consideration :slight_smile: thanks.


Next time you can also use the editor:log-cursor-scope command from the command palette :smile: