How can I change the color of def in functions


Hi there.

I only want to change the color of def so that it is more easily distinguishable than what I have:


I like everything else about the theme, so I have to find a way to change only the color of def. Thanks!


What theme are you using? I guess you can edit CSS files.


I am using the theme called dark one, however I don’t know which part of
the css to edit so that only thing I change is what I want


I don’t know it that’s possible. I think you can edit certain group colors like variables, function names, etc. But ony one variable?


Which language is this?


It’s Python.


Opening up the dev tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools), I see def represented as

<span class="syntax--storage syntax--type syntax--function syntax--python">def</span>

You can change the color of it by targeting those classes.


Thank you! I figured it out following your advice