How can I change CTRL + Tab behaviour to how it was before 1.7?



I constantly rely on Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs in Atom. In v1.7, it appears this behaviour has been changed so Ctrl + Tab switches to the last most recently used tab (MRU order). I realise Atom is free and I appreciate the community for releasing a strong open source alternative to Sublime, but I am extremely frustrated and annoyed that developers feel it is necessary to change how important features work without any reasonable notice, which seriously disrupts people’s workflow for those that have become familar with how Atom works. This has happened on several occasions now and is becoming difficult to tolerate.

Is there any way to revert Ctrl + Tab behaviour so it cycles through to the next tab (and Ctrl + Shift + Tab doing the reverse) instead of MRU order?



There are instructions on how to do this in the blog post: