How can I automatically update version of the Atom editor?


Is there is some package? My current version is 1.0.2.


If you’ve installed the version from the website and are running OS X or Windows, it should update automatically. On Linux, only manual updating is supported right now.

Why Atom on Linux does not update automatically?

@leedohm I use Linux. This means that I have to download a .deb package from the website and install it?


If I re-download and install Atom on Linux, will I lose my editor settings?


Yes, you need to download newer deb package and install it.
You don’t lose any settings


No you shouldn’t, your config is in your home directory, your updated install is in /usr/bin


@russlescai Is there anywhere instruction how to update the editor on Linux?
I’m afraid to break something.


Don’t worry, your settings will not be lost :smiley: As @russlescai said, they are stored in your home directory ~/.atom.

If you’re using an ubuntu variant, you can get atom from this ppa (He’s up to date).


@KabbAmine All right! Thank you very much! :smile:


Just to be clear, there is no official PPA for Atom.


BTW, how does one know when a new update is available? I saw the messages go by in atom/atom issues before but I’m about to stop following that (too much noise).


I created an IFTTT recipe that sends a notification to my phone when a new version of Atom is released.


Thanks. I signed up for IFTT account and set up your recipe. I had never heard of IFTT.

BTW, I saw in your recipe that there is an RSS channel to watch atom releases. I check my RSS a couple of times a day so that works for me. I’ll probably cancel your IFTT recipe. For anyone lurking, the atom release feed is at

BTW again: I looked at setting up a test recipe for GitHub. I backed out quickly when it asked permission for all my private repos and private personal info. They are crazy. They should have a public option.

BTW again again: Where do I find what atom/atom RSS feeds are available? I went to atom/atom and couldn’t find anything about feeds.


News feeds on GitHub:


I read that. But it doesn’t tell how to find out which ones are available.


Ah ok, I misunderstood your question. There are a few different RSS feeds available, but they aren’t well documented. There are feeds for releases, following the pattern that you mention above. There are feeds for a user’s public activity, documented in the help. But there doesn’t appear to be a public activity analog for organizations like atom (or at least an easily discoverable one) unless you’re a member of the organization. There also seems to be one for commits on a branch, but I had to go to Stack Overflow to find that one.


Thanks, I’m thoroughly confused but that is normal for me. I don’t need to know this stuff.

I know about the blog feed and this release feed. Are there any others I should know about?


The only ones I know about are the ones I mentioned in my last post :laughing: There may be more, but they’d require more digging.


I’m using up2date (Linux & Windows).

There is also atom-update who claims being able to update Atom in all platforms, but I didn’t tested it.


@KabbAmine Cool! Thank’s for the link.