How can I ask Atom to highlight syntax in a snakefile not called Snakefile?


I have been using Atom for writing snakemake code. My snakefile is called Snakefile and Atom nicely highlights the syntax of this file. However, if I create another snakefile but do not name it Snakefile, the syntax highlighting goes away. I’ve tried looking for a snakemake highlighting by typing Ctrl+Shift+L but I cannot find a snakemake category. Does anybody know how to highlight snakemake syntax in a file not called Snakefile?



What is the name of the package that you’re using to highlight Snakemake?

I don’t know. Do you know how I can find out?

Are you giving the new file the extension .smk? That’s the extension recongised by the language-python grammar.

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Thanks. It’s working now. I forgot about the extension. Snakefile gets highlighted without extension.