How can I (as a user) make all Electron apps use their own window controls and title bar on elementary OS Freya?


I’ve installed several Electron apps on elementary OS Freya, each of which have their own window controls. When I run them on my elementary OS installation, they all use the window controls and window bar for the DE or WM I’m using. Is there any way to remedy this? I’m open to using any DE or WM.


Which apps?


Min Browser, Hyperterm, Boost note


I’m reasonably certain that you’re not going to be able to make such a modification from outside of the application. But just to be certain, can you include a screenshot of what you’re seeing and give us an idea of what you’d like to see? (For those of us who don’t use elementary OS.)


I want to see the terminal shown on this site, what I’m seeing is


The screenshot animation that is shown there is taken from macOS. If you want the menus and window chrome to be different on an Electron application, it requires a code change in that individual application. By default, Electron applications do their best to mimic native application behavior. (And it sounds like that’s what you’re observing.)