How can I allow another user to publish to my package?


I myself have my own API token for publishing to the apm repo which works fine.

How can I have another user be able to apm publish to my package as well?


apm will allow anyone that has Contributor or Owner status on the package’s repsitory to publish that package.


thanks very much @leedohm!


What about the case that the original author removed the repository from github. I have copied the code and thus made a manual fork.

Case and point.


@nmccready We don’t recycle package names generally, so even if we were to delete it, the name wouldn’t be available for use.


Ok, in that case I got to rename it. What is the convention for naming the project? Should it be atom-coffeedocs or just coffeedocs2?


The convention seems to be coffeedocs-plus.


10-4 thank you

Would this line need to be changed to.

'coffeedocs-plus:generate': ->

Along with all the package.json project reference names. I am a noob here so sorry for so many questions. However, I already tried renaming and 'atom-coffeedocs:generate': -> failed to work. The specs passed, but cmd+alt+d no longer would document.


The command name and the command that the keymap is bound to must match. But yes, the convention is that all command names should begin with the name of the package.