How can a node app find Atom's install directory?


I’m writing a node app, not an Atom package, and I need to scan all core packages. How do I locate that packages directory? On my system it is C:\Chocolatey\lib\Atom.0.136.0\tools\Atom\resources\app\node_modules


On a Unix-based system, I’d use which atom and resolve from there. On Windows, I’d either check to see if I could figure it out from the atom command line utility, check the Registry, or make a list of common install directories and ask the user if all else fails in all cases.


Wow. Whatever happened to simple environment vars? This is a utility that very few people will run so I’ll just make them plug the path into the source code.

Thanks …


Chocolatey does have env vars, I believe. And from there it will use some standard paths to each app. So if you’re assuming people follow the recommended install method, that’s your path.

However, for those who build on Windows from scratch or just use the downloaded zip folder, you won’t get around digging a bit deeper. If you’re lucky people added the executable to their path, so you could parse that variable (choco adds it to the path too, of course).
But if not? Like @leedohm says, asking the user, maybe via a Setting, would probably be a good last resort.

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