How add JSDoc library to Atom?


I have a JSDoc file: example.js


  • Returns the MIDI output port with the given index.
  • @param {int} index the index of the MIDI output port, must be valid.
  • @return {MidiOut} the requested MIDI output port
  • @throws ControlSurfaceException
  • @since Bitwig Studio 1.0
    Host.prototype.getMidiOutPort = function(index) {};

I want to add in Atom for autocompletion. Atom does not support autocompletion JSDoc library, such as their support Komodo IDE or WebStorm?

In Komodo IDE:

  1. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Languages -> JavaScript
  2. Add the “example.js” file to the list with the “+” sign.

How to implement this in Atom?


Atom has an autocomplete system in the autocomplete-plus package. You can find documentation there on how to create an autocomplete provider that will integrate with Atom.