Hosting an external app in electron



I’m trying to solve a problem where we are trying to host external apps within electron so that it could gel nicely with electron docking solutions. The premise here… is that we could make an app in C#, C++ or some other language and wrap it in electron somehow so that it could be used in a bigger app with tabs, docking and etc…

does anyone have insights on this problem? Is there a package that exists that does this already? would this involve making changes to the electron source?

Phil J


If I’m understanding correctly what you’re wanting, this isn’t what Electron is designed for. We feel that one of the major advantages to Electron is specifically that it allows one to write a cross-platform application using web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are technologies that more and more people are familiar with and offer compelling features over and above the standard OS-specific frameworks or cross-platform GUI toolkits.

In any case, there isn’t support built-in to Electron to host other native GUI applications within an Electron window. I don’t know of anyone working on such a thing either.