Hooking into main view creation


I am interested in hooking into the main view creation, specifically on the Windows platform. In tracing the source code, I see that there is a Mac view override, but the Windows class tree is somewhat convoluted with framed and frameless views that are also used in other platforms with some conditionally compiled variations.

Is there a general description of how the view model is instantiated in Electron and how one might be able to inject another view type?

My specific case is that I would like to embed Electron (and Chromium) in a desktop application toolbar (appbar). I am still at the code hacking stage, and can get an appbar created at more or less the right time, but I cannot seem to affect the positioning of the Electron window to stick it in the appropriate place on screen. This may in fact be a Chromium issue, deep in the Aura widget, but I am only just getting into this code and am hoping someone more expert on this can chime in.

FYI, I have successfully used this appbar approach when embedding IE, but would like to now move to a more capable browser, plus all the goodies Electron brings to the table.