Hiperclick or atom-ide-ui

Since I have just seen that both projects are archived and quite old, I wonder if they can cause any conflict… which one should I keep? There is any alternative?


atom-ide-ui includes hyperclick functionality, and a bunch of other things like a linter UI.

You only need one or the other. As for the age, they are no longer maintained, but I find they still work well enough.

I don’t know of any alternatives, but there is no fundamental reason one can’t exist. Packages in Atom interact via services, which are basically descriptions of how they provide and consume service objects. So any package could provide the hyperclick functionality.

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Thanks. I’ve just tried to disable Hyperclick only and keep Atom-IDE-UI and the Hyperclick functionality seams to be lost… I’ll try to restart Atom…

Ok, after restarting Atom, Atom-IDE-UI built-in Hiperclick works again. Though this thing that every Package preference that you change or if you cange the Packages configuration, requires a Atom restart is quite annoying.

Ok, … Further update for who is eventually interested in this argument. The package atom-ternjs requires hyperlink and not atom-ide-ui.

Though there is some weird behavior. With all 3 package installed, if you disable hyperlink, nothing happens (and I have run Atom Ternjs server without any problem). Then, I have uninstalled Hyperlink and restarted Atom. When Atom completes loading an alert appears notifying that Atom Ternjs requires Hiperlink. I have ignored it. Hope I don’t have to ignore it every time I launch Atom.

The atom-ternjs stuff is a bug; they wanted to make it easy for users to have hyperclick (the service) functionality, so they look for and notify you if they can’t find hyperclick (the package). But as I said, atom-ide-you also provides the same service, so works too.

The install popup should have a permanently ignore option if I recall correctly though.

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