Hints on application structure? Link to suitable tutorial?


I would like to build a “simple” application for the deskop using electron.

Purpose of application is to create groups of people from a list of particiants.

Main features:
Import participant list from .csv. List includes name and rating (and maybe other stuff).
User enters the wanted number of groups.
Program creates groups, say of 4 people per group (either randomly, or based on other strategy (using rating)).
Program displays groups on screen and enable export to .csv.


However, I find it difficult to get started with electron. Hints on what to place in main and in renderer proces are very welcomed. Maybe even a coarse template of program I could learn from. Or link to a tutorial which fits my needs?

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Have you taken a look at the FAQ?


Thanks, nice video.
I now have a better understanding on how the renderer proces interfaces with the main proces (remote and ipc).

I think I’ll try to use electron (and node.js) with angular and maybe some extra library to handle .csv files. Hints are very welcomed!

What folder structure would you recommend? In terms of preparing the setup for creating a binary for distribution?

What about below?

Is it overkill?


That looks reasonable to me. I don’t think it is overkill, no. I haven’t ever used Angular though, so I’m not familiar with any conventions there.