[HINT] Triggering an automatic reponse / tutorial in 'discuss.atom.io'



I was surprised to learn that this community has a ‘robot’ teaching you how to use this discussion system.

Nice work guys!
Wonder if @discobot has something to say about this?..


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Try chatting to this guy in a personal message to learn more.
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  1. Is it such a great idea to have the automated response active on the public open discussions?
  2. New users cannot send out private messages - so how can they invoke the tutorials? (new user / advance user)

I wonder what is the future of this discussion? Any thoughts…?
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:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


Every new user gets a PM from the welcome bot (discobot) and new users can
reply to any PM they get, of course.

As for the automated help response, it is rate limited per topic.


Not everyday you get to chat with a celebrity.
My last celebrity chat was an underwear/swim-wear model with whom I shared a ‘cattle class’ flight with… now that was an interesting, very human and down-to-earth conversation.

Hello Mr. Jeff, thank you for responding.

Was discobot your brainchild? My compliments to its implementation. I am still of the opinion that he should only be invoked in private messages.


As a user I am impressed with how Discourse interface works. I have been involved in a industry sponsored forum that does not match up with what we have here. Having said that - their database is HUGE.

Please allow also to say, I enjoyed your blog article on ‘passwords’. If we go on increasing the size of the password and compilation rules, we’ll end up saving these in a central place of our choosing which again compromises its integrity.

Do you have thoughts to share?.. One ‘flaw’ I see in community driven projects are the difficulty to get ‘new’ blood in. Do you have any ideas to share on how to break this cycle?