I’m new to Atom and coding. I started with HTML5 because it seemed to be the simplest to me. I searched for an Editor that doesn’t just look good but works good as well. After a few lines I wondered why my HTML code isn’t highlighted. It’s always grey and I can’t change it.
Thank you for help :slight_smile:



Have you saved the file? Until you save it, Atom has no way of knowing what language you’re using.

If you have, check the right-hand side of the status bar. You’ll see a string that describes the grammar currently applied. It almost certainly says “Plain text”. You can click on that to bring up a grammar selection modal.


Thank you:D
I didn’t save it, I thought it highlights the code immediately.


It does if you tell it what grammar to use. It can’t figure that out for itself until the file is saved with an appropriate extension.


You can also use the Grammar Selector to set the grammar if you’re not ready to save the file yet. You can find out about the Grammar Selector in the Atom Flight Manual: