Highlighting code blocks in Markdown


I have a color scheme I like, but it treats stuff like

`some CLI command`

as plain text when it is in-line and also doesn’t highlight 4-space-indented code blocks. I want it highlighted to be at least all a solid color as a literal code block. How can I add something to styles.less to do that?


The inline code sections are tokenized but are not colored differently than other text in the default themes. You can change this by adding the following to your styles.less:

atom-text-editor::shadow {
  .markup.raw.gfm {
    // Or however you want to format it
    color: yellow;

You can find these classes for yourself by following the instructions in the documentation or by using the Editor: Log Cursor Scope command from the Command Palette or Alt+Cmd+P on OS X or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P on other platforms.

The 4-space-indented sections are not tokenized as anything other than regular Markdown text. To change that, you would have to suggest or implement a change to the language-gfm package.


The markdown-preview package uses the syntax-variables file to obtain the correct highlighting. Each syntax theme should provide this file at the following location: theme-name/styles/syntax-variables.less. I suspect the syntax-theme you are using has it located elsewhere, which means that packages that rely on the syntax-variables file to do their colorization cannot find it and thus use default colors.

What syntax-theme are you using? If the above is indeed the case, it is probably best to alert the author by making a ticket. Many packages that try and give the editor a uniform look rely on the file to be present.


The theme I am using has that file in the right place. That’s not the issue. Thanks though


Thanks, that does it, and I saw the issues there already have tikets about the lack of indented code block support.