Highlight search results automatically


Hello everyone
I am completely new to atom text editor and I am learning about regular expressions
After pressing Ctrl + F and click on “Regex” icon … I typed some patterns but to get the results I have to press enter
How can I get the results at once while typing the search box?


The find-and-replace package may not have that capability. If you’re trying to learn regular expressions, an online tool like regex101.com would be a lot more useful to you than a text editor’s find function.


Thanks a lot for reply.
What made me ask about that is that I watched a video on YouTube that the instructor just types and the results appears at once after each entry. I know about regex101.com but I hope to find a way in the text editor itself
This feature is already there in sublime text editor …so I thought it would be existing


Unless you tell me what video it is, I have no way of finding it from the information you have given.


I don’t remember exactly but it is in this series


You are pointing to a stack of hay
saying that you lost the needle there.
Then you turn and walk away.

Please work harder for your answer.
Provide info that makes it easy as possible to help you.

I see no issue with automatically triggering of the search field:

I am running Atom V1.29.0 on Windows 10 with One Dark as theme.
No Enter was pressed during the making of this situation.