Highlight problem with "very" & "right" OS X


Hello everybody,
Since few days I have a strange highlight problem with the words very & right, atom highlight the word with the same color of the text, then I can see it.
Trying disable all third parts plugins or change themes, new install -> same issue.

If someone can help me :wink:
Thanks in advance.


Can you reproduce the problem in Safe Mode? To launch Safe Mode:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Launch Atom with the command atom --safe


Hello, Thanks for the help, but don’t change anything in safe mode :

Very strange…


That is particularly strange. Have you tried selecting a different font? Perhaps try Monaco?


Hello Leedohm,

Thank you, that’s working !!!
I was using “Apple sans Adjectives”.

I found other words with the same ob : love, cool, super, awesome…
Have a nice day.


Well, that should explain it. Never heard of that font, interesting!


Wow ummmm … that’s like one of those crazy ideas that people hope will keep going right through Crazy Town and out the other side to Cool Town. I’m still not sure where they landed on that spectrum though :laughing:

If you are looking for something like that feature though, you might want to check out the linter-write-good package.


Well, I download this font and didn’t do attention that it was hiding adjectives :sweat:
Thanks a lot for helping :+1: