Highlight occurrences of selected word


In Sublime Text when you double click a word it is selected. The rest of the occurrences of this word in the file are highlighted. It kind of gives you a clue what would happen if you click Cmd/Ctrl+d.

This is very useful for variables and method calls.


I think I’ve found the appropriate place to file this issue: https://github.com/atom/find-and-replace/issues/138


Hi, I made a package for exactly this:

It’s not a finished product by any means, but it gets the job done (most of the time)


I’ve updated the package and is a lot less buggy now. Selections are actually highlighted all the time (I think). Going to look at merging it into the find-and-replace package.


You’d think 78,629 users would give the ATOM community an inkling into how important this is. Instead, they lock the issue. https://github.com/atom/find-and-replace/issues/138

Super annoyed by that (I know! Lets ignore one of the more upvoted requests and lock it!), but thanks for building the plugin.


I receive hundreds of GitHub notifications a day. Moderating the message board and reading every single notification is sometimes all I can do in a day on top of my regular job. This means that I don’t have any time to actually improve Atom. Reading a notification of a “+1” is just a waste of time for me because I consider every Issue important … that’s why it isn’t closed. The reason why we lock Issues from further comment is because we already know it is important, there is a point of significantly diminishing returns on +1s, and so we can hopefully stem the tide of rampant notifications so that we can have time to do something that isn’t just “catching up on notifications”.

Why do I read everysinglenotification? Because I feel that all of the Issues are important. (I have considered creating a tool that clears notifications for +1 comments, but I haven’t had time for that either lately.)

Also, download count does not equal users. That could be one user that downloaded it 78,629 times. See my blog post, Why Download Count is a Crappy Metric, for more details.

For the record, I am one of the users of highlight-selected and have recommended it on many occasions.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom Core team. I’m just an enthusiastic volunteer.


Thank you for very useful thing!


auto-highlight plugin does the trick. It highlights occurrences of word on cursor, event without double click on the word.
apm install auto-highlight



In case anyone stumbles on this, there is a neat little trick to highlight the selected word even by default (without installing any new packages):

Just press Control+F. Atom opens the find dialog at the bottom, but the side-effect is that you get exactly what you want: every instance of the selected word is highlighted in a rectangle box!