Highlight modified tabs


Hello Guys . I want to know how can I get a color change on the current tab whenever I make a change on a file and have not saved it ??

On sublime we do this:"highlight_modified_tabs": true

Is there a setting for this in Atom ??


That’s what the modified icon is there for.

If you want to have an entire tab highlighted, then you’ll have to find / make a plugin for it. This feature isn’t there by default.


It’s not perfect because of the way the tabs are drawn, but this gets you most of the way there:

.tab-bar {
  .tab.modified {
    background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, @text-color-modified, @text-color-modified);
    color: contrast(@text-color-modified);

It’s the best I could throw together in a couple minutes on my way out the door to work, sorry! :smile: