Highlight lines that go over the preferred line length?


Hello there fellow Atom users.

Is there any packages out there that can visually highlight lines that go over the preferred line length (past the ruler)
For instance, the line could be highlighted red so when you are scrolling through a file you can easily spot lines that are over the preferred length, and also when working off a small screen you can then know immediately if your line is too long without scrolling horizontally.

Thanks in advance!


What language? When writing Ruby, if I use linter and linter-rubocop, lines longer than 80 get highlighted. I would suggest using a linter that provides this feedback.


Hello there.

I’m currently working with Lua. I use linter and linter-lua, but it doesn’t seem to offer that functionality.


I don’t think the linters highlight anything, but most of them, if they check for a maximum line length, will give you the usual underline and in-line text when your cursor is on that line.


Thanks for all the replies guys. I’ll dig deeper into this.