Highlight C/C++ keywords


Hello, i am making new syntax theme for atom , mostly to use with languages like C or C++
and i want to highlight some keywords like string, size_t, vector, map and so on…
how can i do this?
I know that i need to change the package language-c but i cant find it on my .atom folder ,
although i have isntalled .

there is any solution ?


You can take a look at the new FAQ here:

And no, you don’t need to change the language-c package.


Ty i found it, but when i do this i got scope "meta.block.cpp"
but if i change it , then everyting default white colored keyowrd changes too .
can i change the keywords like “string”,“vector”,“map” ?


No, you can’t change the keywords individually unless the language package has explicitly given them separate classes.