High usage CPU and Memory


I run it in Fedora 21 but the usage of CPU is too high


Can you check whether the existing issue on the repo is what you’re seeing:


Sorry … couldn’t resist :laughing:


I’ve got something similar after update to 191.


The problem solved in other discussion is near Lint, but I don’t use lint.


Looks like your coffee-cash module is quite… expensive. chuckle chuckle :smirk:


192 solve the problem :blush:


Ok, thank’s I’ll try to update


I installed the 0.192, but the problem is quite solved for the memory… but not for the CPU Usage
The CPU range rate is always at value of 15/20% of usage.


Probably you have some animanitions? When I used animations, I had pretty same cpu usage, so you can try to turn them off.


This might apply here. I too am running fedora 21, but this appears to be affecting others as well.


I have huge CPU issues when I open Atom at my home folder to edit dotfiles.

And that’s not even the highest it gets…


Remember kids,

Do Not Try Atom At Home.


But what do I do? Must I not edit .bashrc?


Can you reproduce this behavior when you completely exit all your instances of Atom and start it again using atom --safe?


This had me laughing for way too long :smiley:


Same (sometimes higher) percentage used when running --safe


those Puny .bashrc files are for less and sed and awk



You probably want to add as much information as you can onto this Issue here and subscribe for updates:


The problem with the new releases is solved.
The CPU usage is normal.

Thank’s all for the help