High cpu usage on windows


Electron : 1.4.4
Operating system:windows 7 ,My windows 7 is a virtual machine. 2GB ,1 kernel
node-sqlite3:3.1.8 ,used a db file.

I’m working on Mac OS.Make an electron project,using sqlite3 to store data.Every thing is ok on my mac.So I build an installer exe file for windows .Before, I used electron-rebuild.cmd on windows build the sqlite3 module, and success.Then use electron-builder build exe file,and success.When installed to windows,and run the app,the cpu runs 100%.I caught a cpu profile and found only some ajax post take 100ms, nothing else.Then I take a look at the log found that sometimes the database takes a lot time (10m about),sometime it’s not. I’m very confusion.I think may be the sqlite3 module has problems.Did any one has ideas about it?

Thanks a lot!


Well ,if I did not read database just use jsonp send a local request ,the cpu also take 100%


As I had test and found that may be the callback function caused it! like: