High CPU usage in inactive tabs with log files


Platform: Windows 10 (x86_64)

I quite often check log files, so tend to open files with several thousand lines of text. In order to see how Atom handles this case, I selected a few log files of various sizes, but didn’t get past the smallest file (710KB, 1000 lines) before hitting a snag.

Atom’s overall CPU usage (across various processes) goes up each time I open a log file. The ‘Runtime Broker’ process appears to ramp up at the same time, although to a slightly lesser degree, and during my tests CPU usage remained high until Atom was closed, at which point CPU levels dropped back to a quiet hum.

Side note, this is running 1.1.0 with no plugins or customization … I’m new in these parts and just trialling the editor for my purposes (not doing well so far, but I’d like it to).

I opened 5 sample log files, and found a constant 44% CPU usage of which about 30% was spread across various Atom processes. Most of the rest was taken up by the Runtime Broker process. I left this for just over a minute, and CPU usage remained fairly consistent. As soon as I closed Atom, Runtime Broker also stopped… I started up Atom again, all was quiet after an initial CPU spike … then I opened one log file. Atom goes up to 7% CPU usage, Runtime Broker’s up to 4%. I left this for roughly a minute, and noted no significant change during that time.


You may try disabling the spell-check package, others have had good results with that.


Yup, that appears to have done the trick. Thanks for your help.

A bit worrying though … I can understand a spellchecker requiring a fair bit of processing for a document of that size (or larger), but the sustained CPU level like that is a killer, especially when there could be several open at the same time.

I can see the value in having a spell checker, and would probably use it myself in some cases, but not in this one … and it’d be a pain to be switching it on and off constantly. Might it be worth having an option to disable the spell-checker for a single tab if the content is above a certain size, or for certain document formats? Maybe enable the spell-checker when a friendly format is established … just a thought.


Definitely. I’m pretty sure I saw a proposal on the spell-check package for this just this past weekend. (Or was it in Slack? Hard to keep track sometimes :laughing:) I don’t often work with log files anymore, so if you have some suggestions, filing an Issue on the spell-check package would be a big help just to make sure the “log files” crowd is represented.


There’s already an issue open, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I would post the link, but I’m forbidden from doing so as a new user. Liking the look of the community though, so I think you’ve got another resident :smile: