HiDPI support in GNOME 3 on Debian Linux


I tried Atom today (the prebuilt .deb of 0.207.0) on my MacBook Retina running Debian Linux, and there seemed to be no HiDPI support. The main text is too small; the menu text is OK, but it doesn’t quite fit vertically in the menu bar.

I found some old posts etc on the subject, but most were quite old, saying it wasn’t supported yet and you have to enter all the font sizes manually. But some said it should work automatically when Chromium supports it. The full Chromium browser does support HiDPI now, but not in this Atom package. Was it built with HiDPI disabled?


HiDPI support was added in Chromium 43 – Atom just needs to upgrade to a version of Electron built on Chromium 43, which won’t be until it’s well tested (and until after Atom upgrades to Chromium 42 first).


You can also subscribe to https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/3826 for updates on this.


Thanks, I’ve subscribed to that issue now.