Hiding function with comments in JS


Hello, i was wondering if it’s possible somehow to hide functions in JS with coments in ?

thanks a lot.


This isn’t really an Atom question, but yes, it is possible. You can highlight the function and use Cmd+/ on OS X or Ctrl+/ on other platforms to comment it out.


i think i expressed myself bad, i saw atom has this thing : http://i.imgur.com/Hlsn9uE.png
which hides the code inside, UNLES it has a coment inside it, in such case it does hide only "until it meets the coment"
but i want to keep hiding entire functions even if they have coments inside.


That feature is referred to as “code folding”. Code folding is based on indentation. If your code follows standard indentation conventions, it will work the way you’re expecting.


i understand now how stupid my question was :slight_smile:

But i thank you.