Hide treeview by default?


Is there any preference I can set to make the treeview side bar closed by default? Every time I open a file the treeview is displayed. I’d like it to be closed initially.

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Only for single files or also for directories?


Single files I guess, but a general solution would be good too. My use case is that I use an ftp client (transmit) to edit files on my server. I click the file in the transmit client, and atom opens up, but it shows the treeview every time.

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Right now there’s no way to prevent that, but you can add this line to your init.coffee file to hide it.

atom.workspaceView.trigger 'tree-view:toggle'


a nice solution can be a couple of options like “show treeview by default for singie file” and “show treeview by default for directory”


doesn’t seem to work for me.


APIs have changed since that answer. You can use the following:

var workspaceView = atom.views.getView(atom.workspace);
atom.commands.dispatch(workspaceView, 'tree-view:toggle');


It looks like there is no views.get method (1 line). I’ve changed it to getView, and it works, but only after I hide the treeview for a given folder. I.e., when I open a folder in atom for the first time, I can see the treeview. I hide it, and it remains hidden when open that folder next time.


Oops, you’re totally right! I updated my answer. Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS Oh, if the tree view’s still showing sometimes, maybe this will work:

atom.packages.onDidActivateInitialPackages ->
  workspaceView = atom.views.getView(atom.workspace);
  atom.commands.dispatch(workspaceView, 'tree-view:toggle');


Hey, is it JS or coffescript? Putting it into init.coffee gives failed to load init.coffee: reserved word "var"


Oops (again)… It’s both :stuck_out_tongue: I updated my answer, hope it works now :slight_smile:


I just removed var and it worked. Thanks.


I open a CSS file from the Downloads folder, now I see thousands of video files, PDF, image, ZIP, RAR and dozens of others, in the sidebar.
I am shocked :open_mouth:

Is there a way to fix this thing?

Right-Click Open with Atom

See above:


Hi leedohm, I’m sorry but I did not understand what I do… is a script that I enter in Atom, but where?
Or maybe I should use the Terminal?


As stated earlier in the topic, you place the snippet of code in your init.coffee.


I added the script, but it does not work, if I re-open Atom, I see thousands of files.

However, problem solved, I uninstalled Atom.

In my opinion is meaningless the way Atom behaves.
If I open a single file, ONE, displays thousands of files. What sense does it also show the PDF files, or ZIP etc ??
Yesterday I logged in via FTP, I uploaded the entire server. but why? :grimacing:

It makes sense if I decide that a certain folder is a project, in this case I DO I see all of its contents.
Does not make sense.

Sorry :confused:


@fabio I completely agree with you, I have thousand of preloaded files that I don’t need. Please allow this option to be turned off by default or toggle at my own convenience, until then I am going back to notepad++.


This doesn’t appear to work anymore. I don’t know if things have changed, but I pasted that into init.coffee and nothing happens. Tree view still appears as normal. This is my init.coffee. I’m on Windows v1.0.11.


I can’t see what would be wrong in your init.coffee… And it works just fine for me. Maybe add atom.commands.dispatch(workspaceView, 'tree-view:show'); on the line before the dispatch(workspaceView, 'tree-view:toggle')?