Hide tree view


Can someone help? The code I used to use before doesn’t seem to work anymore. And it’s so annoying for this Treeview to showup everytime you open a file. Please.

atom.packages.onDidActivateInitialPackages ->
workspaceView = atom.views.getView(atom.workspace);
atom.commands.dispatch(workspaceView, ‘tree-view:toggle’);


Do you have Auto Reveal set to true in the tree-view configuration? The tree-view automatically unhides when you open a file with this on.

Do you want to always hide the tree-view? Then you can just disable the tree-view package.


I want to hide it completely. That’s the thing, I already disabled the package and it still shows up.


I’m really considering leaving Atom now just because of this Tree View thing. The addon was already disabled but if you click on Packages, it still has the entry. Atom, what the hell is this?


If you disable the package, Atom doesn’t enable it again. This is one of the core tenets of Atom, that you can customize Atom how you like. Yes, disabling a package leaves that package installed, so it will show up in the package list as disabled: